出典: 謎の百科事典もどき『エンペディア(Enpedia)』
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エディンバラ大学の David Hill 氏らを中心とする研究グループが開発した。


採点の結果により、生徒が読む英文のレベルが決められる。EPERテストは多読教育用に開発されたテストであるため、レベル分けされた英文教材は多読に用いられることになる。たとえば、毎日30分このレベルの英文の本を読め、といった感じである。多読用にレベル分けして開発された教材の一例としてはGraded readersがある。

練習問題 : 次の英文の空欄1-10に当てはまる語は何か。数も英語の綴りで答えること。
Hello, I am Yurupedia. I have had an account in Enpedia (1) 2017. I like Enpedia very much. Do you know (2) Enpedia was founded? I'm going to talk about history of Enpedia. The first Enpedia was founded in 2009. In 2010, the second Enpedia was founded. On January 1, 2013, the third and current Enpedia was founded. (3) the year finished, the logo of Enpedia was decided. A leaf of fatsia was (4) on it. In 2014, a problem happened. On February 2014, there were thousands of categories (5) there were only several hundred articles. At that time, (6) new categories with few articles was banned, but categories that (7) then were not deleted. About (8) months later, on May of the year the system was maintained. Then, because there were too many categories, the database of Enpedia was broken. So, categories that had four or (9) articles were deleted. Now, there are more than 30000 articles in Enpedia. Enpedia has not so many rules, so you will be (10) to enjoy in Enpedia. Why don't you join Enpedia?

1.since 2.when 3.BeforeまたはBy 4.painted 5.thoughまたはalthough 6.creatingまたはmaking 7.existed 8.three 9.fewer 10.able